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Posted By Dan (CSFW)

Heritage quality furniture individually designed and built to last for generations.

The Wood

Every project, whether it be a musical instrument, cabinetry, custom door, furniture or wood turning, starts by selecting the best wood. We take the time sorting through stacks of wood, looking for boards with just the right color, grain pattern, and figure. Wood species are chosen based on aesthetics and for their mechanical qualities.

The Time

We sell musical instruments and furniture and  that are created by individuals (usually one individual), not factory assembly lines. Many technical woodworking tasks are performed by machine, but some jobs are still best completed by hand.

We design and craft every piece down to the last detail. When you buy something from Clear Stream Fine Woodworking, you will be able to say that you know the name of the person who made it.

Joinery and Finish

For joinery that is to last a lifetime, boards must be precisely milled and fitted. The finish not only brings out the hidden beauty of the wood, but also protects it. We use many time honored techniques, such as dovetailing and hand rubbed oil finishes in our work, but we also embrace more modern applications, such as linear poly-urethanes and modern adhesives. Care for each piece is individualized. This knowledge is shared with the customer who purchases the piece.

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