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Wood Species Used


Wood Species Used

Posted By Dan (CSFW)

Below are some of the various species of hard and soft wood lumber and plywood that we use in furniture. Click on each species for more information.

Hard Woods

wt oak

Soft Woods

red cedar
white cedar
red pine

The true beauty of wood is only revealed in the final finishing stage when the oils or lacquer are applied. There can be wide color and figure variations amongst similar trees, even from the same forest. Our woodworkers often spend hours sorting through stacks of wood to find the most interesting boards.

Grain – the stripes in the wood created by growth rings which may be tight, indicating slow growth, widely spaced, indicating quick growth, or any variation in between. Different woods have distinct grain patterns that help identify them.

Figure – the pattern in the wood that gives it a unique appearance that may be wavy, tiger striped, curly, flaming, or many other variations.

Burl – an unusual growth on a tree that may be caused by a virus or bacteria, often resulting in a highly figured piece of wood.

Clear Stream Fine Woodworking encourages the use of woods from sustainable yield resources. It is our intent for all the wood used to be native from North America, from local sources if possible. No lumber from virgin old-growth forests are exploited. Softwoods such as white pine and northern white cedar are used. Hardwoods in stock include ash, oak, maple, black cherry and black walnut. All tropical hardwoods, such as Honduras mahogany and Spanish cedar, come from certified plantations. No rain forest woods are utilized. Every project includes at least one piece of wood harvested from the family property.If you would like detailed information on specific woods used in any of our items, please email us.

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