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“Azure” Njord: Project Summary

“Azure” Njord: Project Summary

08.01 "Azure" Njord (NH) Featured Kayaks Projects

“Azure” Njord: Project Summary

Posted By Dan (CSFW)

Boat Design

Njord design by Björn Thomasson Design. Basic design scaled to approximately 93%.

  • LOA = 17.06 ft (520.0 cm)
  • Beam = 19.29 in (49 cm)
  • Finished Weight = 39 lb (17.7 kg)



  • 3/16″ Northern White Cedar

Fiberglass Schedule

  • Exterior Layup:  4oz S-2 Cloth.
  • Interior Layup: Deck: 4oz S-2, Hull: 4oz Zylon aramid

Paint Options

  • Hull Exterior: CSFW “White Graphite” Coating.  Three coats rubbed to a semi-gloss sheen.  In 2009 it was recoated with Interlux VC Performance Epoxy bottom paint.
  • Deck Exterior: Interlux Brightsides Y4353 Medium Blue cut 20% with Y4359 White. 2 Coats.
  • Interior: Two coats of CSFW “White Graphite” Coating


  • Solid Carbon Fiber w/ Full Recess
  • Rough opening: 66 x 40 (26.0″ x 15.75″)
  • Lip dimensions (clearances): Height = 5/8″ (15mm), 1/8″ (3.1 mm) thick, Width = 1-1/4″ wide (31 mm) and flat across.

Cockpit Outfitting

  • Seat: Molded custom carbon fiber seat, integrated with read bulkhead.
  • Backrest: None as designed.
  • CF padeyes per approved locations


  • Deck Fittings & Lines
  • Deck Fittings: Recessed carbon fiber with 1/4″ diameter stainless steel pins.
  • Deck Lines: 3/16? Neocorp SportCord (Black) and 1/4″ Griprite bungee. Locations per approval drawing.
  • Paddle Holders: Bungee cord on fore deck.
  • Toggles: Carbon fiber tubes.
  • CF paddle park with security provisions.


  • Fore only. Fiberglassed wood strip panels (4 oz S-2 glass).


  • Foam on Bulkhead: Mounted to front bulkhead.


  • Fore: Valley Canoe Products (VCP) 7.5 round rubber in painted CF recess.
  • Aft:  VCP 16×9 Oval Rubber in painted CF recess
  • Lids to be tethered.


  • Ritchie RU-90 Voyager Compass installed in painted CF recess.

Total Build Time = 151.67 Hours

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