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“Mustang Sally” Wahoo FSK: First Race!!

Clear Stream Fine Woodworking (CSFW) Kayaks “Mustang Sally” Wahoo FSK: First Race!!
Essex River Race


“Mustang Sally” Wahoo FSK: First Race!!

Posted By Dan (CSFW)

This past weekend Lisa entered “Mustang Sally” in the Essex River Race in Essex, Massachusetts.

The Essex River Race is a 5.5+ mile open water event from the Essex River at Route 133 in Essex, out behind the barrier beaches of Ipswich and back. Participants row or paddle small boats through one of the most scenic tidal areas in New England.

The Essex River Race is open to all seaworthy human-powered rowing and paddle boats. Participants’ crafts usually include Banks dories, fixed seat singles, doubles, multi-oars with cox, multi-oars without cox, sliding seat singles & doubles, single & double touring kayaks, surfskis.

It’s organized by the same club that host the Blackburn Challenge, the Cape Ann Rowing Club.  This was “Sally’s” inaugural race.   She sent a race report!

Hi, Dan,

I really wish you could have seen all the buzz over Miss Sally at the Essex River Race today. Everyone from rank beginners to seasoned racers and in-between were extremely interested.  It was like a magnet.  I put her in a prominent (if slightly rough) spot and she really drew a crowd.  At least one woman took notes (went and got a piece of paper to write your name and website down).

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU PUT A LINK from ClearStreamWaterCraft.com to ClearStreamWood.com!  As soon as you can!  Just until CSFWC is up and running.

[ED: Already done!  Thanks for the reminder!!]

The race went very well.  I beat last year’s time by 1 minute, and last year’s time was very good for me.  I didn’t do as well against the FSK men as I would like to – it was a fast field – but the two guys in front of me weren’t in front of me by much.  I really messed up some of the strategy (chose a poor path), otherwise I think I would have been 5th among the men, rather than 7th.  I have to measure myself against the men, as there were no other women in FSKs.  Maybe that has something to do with the fact that there are no “smaller paddler” FSK boats (?)

Anyway, as I say, Sally was really turning heads.  I would go to get something or register or whatever, and come back to find 3 or 4 people gathered around gaping.  I should have taken a picture of that, but I got too busy talking to think of it.  Oh, well.

Pictures at: https://picasaweb.google.com/minitreks/2012EssexRiverRace?authuser=0&feat=directlink



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