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New Website for Our Canoes & Kayaks!

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New Website for Our Canoes & Kayaks!

Posted By Dan (CSFW)


Last spring I launched a new company for the coverage of our kayak and canoes.  Clear Stream Custom Water Craft‘s website is finally ready for the world to see.  Do to the popularity of smart-phones and tablets, it was designed from the ground up to be “responsive.”users.  They should find the new site to be a lot more user friendly.  It automatically adapts to the the size of whatever screen you’re using. Users on PC and laptops: go to the site, shrink the window and you’ll see what I mean by “responsive!”

The new site will cover 100% of the kayak and canoe builds.  In time I’ll point pages from this site to relevant pages there. There is a lot more information than the old.  There is more information on the general construction layups and more kayak and canoe designs. The designs page includes complete pages for the new “SEA” series designed by Jonathan Rose and the exciting “Wahoo” fast sea kayak. With our new agreement with Björn Thomasson, I also show some of his designs that customers should find interesting.  I’ll be adding new designs as they become available.

In the near future I’ll also be adding more pages and fleshing out others.

I’ll be moving the on-line shop where home builders can buy wood or carbon fiber components for their kayaks.  I’ll have recesses for hatches (Beckson and VCP-style), recesses for compasses, deck fittings, handles, even complete carbon coamings and carbon skeg kits.  I’ll also be selling a few stock items (like drinking glasses and apparel).

This year I also hope to start hosting classes to build plywood versions of Bjorn’s famous “Black Pearl” Greenland kayak.  For home builders, I will also have kits.  If interested in either let me know!

This site will get streamlined as well and made responsive.   All boat-specific pages will get removed and/or pointed to the new.  I’ll leave the blog entries for the boats though.  Eventually the two sites will become independent.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check out the new site when you get a chance!

Dan Caouette


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2 thoughts on “New Website for Our Canoes & Kayaks!

  1. Dan,
    You gave me some fine advice when i was building a Night Heron Hybrid and you were finishing the Nytiri. I now and then get to paddle with Gary and Rosana. Gary mentioned that you had the rights to Bjorn Thomasson’s designs.

    Thinking of his Black Pearl design I thought you would find this information interesting. I just finishd Mark Rogers’ /Superior Kayak’s Hawk SS. I decided to paint it black. I always use automotive 2k paints and clear coats on my boats. Getting impatient with one supplier who ships a little slow i started to search the web for another supplier with a 2K flat black. I found Eastwood in Pottstown, Pa. They have a really neat black for kayaks. it is a chassis black paint in gloss and satin.

    This is what makes this paint so special for kayak hulls. It has nano ceramic particles mixed in the paint. it is so tough. I use Interlux VC Performance which is only in white for similar toughness. The Eastwood Black chassis paint with nano ceramic particles blows the VC Performance away.

    Thought you might want to try this on a Black Pearl. There is one draw back it is heavy. I wish i shot it as a satin, I shot it a little dry for a flat look. I now know flats are so tough to keep nice. I did leave a long triangle strip of natural on the front and back of the deck, which is a really cool way to let people know the boat is wood and not all composite.

    Hope you find this of interest. The very best with the new line.

    1. Thanks for the info, Charlie! Sounds neat. I’ll have to look into it. I’m about to start a quick plywood Black Pearl next week. I’m finishing it in House of Kolor custom paint. Their new line or solvent-borne urethanes are VOC compliant, even in California. Should be fun.

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