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I survived my second half marathon

Clear Stream Fine Woodworking (CSFW) News I survived my second half marathon
I survived my second half marathon


I survived my second half marathon

Posted By Dan (CSFW)

I'm number 28 in the blue Star Trek shirt... Hey it was Halloween.

Well, the best I can say is I survived my second 1/2 marathon…

On Halloween, Sunday 10/31/2010, I ran the 25th Annual White Mountain Milers 1/2 Marathon. It was held in the scenic, shopper’s paradise of North Conway, NH.  I was lucky to even run it…

About a week after the Dixville half marathon I developed a dull pain in my left heel.  Right where the Achilles tendon attaches to the bone.  I rested it for a week and it got better so I tried another run.  I made it a 1/4 mile down our road and had to limp home.  I waited to see the doctor and just rested it.  After another week or so it didn’t improve.  Last week I finally went to see my doctor: it was a bone spur at the Achille’s attachment.  Yup.  Not much they can do about it, just lots of ibuprofen and/or Tylenol.  That was Tuesday (10/26).  So I started the pain regiment she prescribed: ibuprofen, ice and rest.  The inflammation was so reduced I dug out my old marshmallow-heeled Asics GT -2150 trainers out of the closet and tried a short 3 mile run that afternoon.  The heel felt… not great but no worse.  I forgot how heavy 10oz shoes feel after wearing 6 oz Vibram Five Fingers!  I went out again with the Asics on Thursday and Saturday morning for 4 mile runs.

Well, might as well try the race.  I paid $42… I should at least get the t-shirt.  Now, what shoes to wear…

Earlier in October I ordered some Brooks Mach 11 racing flats.  They had slightly more cushioning than the  VFF Bikilas and offered better protection.  As a bonus I could wear regular socks for winter running.  Cool.  After Saturday’s big 4 mile run, I tried a very short run in them to see how my heel would respond.  I was encouraged.  A could probably run a 5K in them but the 1/2 marathon would be too much.  I needed more padding on my heel if I got tired and started heel-striking. So back to the Asics…

Sunday morning we drove down through Pinkam Notch in a cold, 38 dgree rain.  Great… this will be fun I thought…  We reached Conway and the clouds broke!  We ended having nice weather for the race.  Partly cloudy, temps in the mid-upper 40’s, and a light wind for miles 0-10…  At the 10th mile the wind picked up, it cooled off and we ended up with a nasty headwind.  It was blowing about 10-15 mph, straight in our faces.  Of course that’s right at the point of the race where you’re gettiong tired.  Luckily we turned a corner at mile 12 and it put the wind at our backs.

I was so relieved to see Christine and the girls just before the finish.

Results:  I ended up coming in 239th out of 404 runners.  Time of 2:02:34.  17th out of 21 for males 35 to 39. Average pace: 9.21.
I survived…  Not too shabby considering I only ran three times in the past two weeks!I was simply hoping to make it to the end without limping back so I was very happy with my time.  Sub-2 hours would have been great but at least I got a negative split on the second half (59 minutes for the second half versus 1:03 on the first).

A friend of ours won her age bracket!  Her husband placed 7th in his.

Now I’m looking forward to working in the shop, then getting some snow and doing some skijoring.

Hey, only 344 days until the Mount Desert Island Marathon!   😉

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2 thoughts on “I survived my second half marathon

  1. Hey Dan! Holy smokes man! I ran X country in HS and in my sophomore year had a “shortened” Achilles tendon. I could make it though the races, but I would crawl away from the finish. Anyway, great job! Careful on the ibuprofen though… too much of that shit will eat a hole in your stomach. Doesn’t do your liver any good either.
    I enter all my junk on a web site got to http://mcsween.sweat365.com/ to see my riding stuff. It’s a pretty good way to track your workouts and is a community of folks, so lots of feedback and such. It’s the only “social” site I’m a part of. I can’t handle more than that, and you’re pretty busy just keeping up with your site, so it might not be for you. Again, great job. Hi and hugs to all. Mike.

  2. Congrats on finishing despite the adversity Dan! I’ve always wanted to run that race, maybe next year – thinking about focusing on shorter distances for awhile after I get through Boston. I do think you made the right shoe choice given the situation – one major benefit of a heel lift is that it reduces stretching of the Achilles. Enjoy your time in the shop!

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