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Posted By Dan (CSFW)

Over the past few years we’ve built a few interesting projects. The most recent projects are listed first. Click on the project title or thumbnail to go to the Gallery Page for each project. Each project has at least one gallery of “beauty shots.” Select projects also have a gallery of photos taken during construction.


We also build canoes. Here's a few neat ones we've built.

Boat Repairs and Restorations

We also repair and restore wooden and fiberglass boats. We can do simple re-railing of canoes to the full restoration of a 1938 Peterborough PAL sailing dinghy. We perform either authentic or functional restorations. We can also reskin your traditionally built or fuselage-style skin-on-frame kayak. An authentic restoration will try and bring the boat back to it’s original state using period materials, construction techniques and hardware. A functional restoration make the boat usable and will modernize the boat using today’s materials and hardware. With our experience crafting carbon fiber and Kevlar components for kayak, we also repair composite items. In the summer of 2010 we repaired a Nelo Waterman K2 with a carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb core. It hit a submerged log at race speed.


We’ve built some very different kayaks over the past few years, from simple painted “Black Pearls” to the extravagant “Nerieda” Njord. Each boat has it’s own page with project specific information, photo galleries and links to their construction. Take a look and see what’s possible…


Here are a few canoe or kayak paddles that we have made or repaired. They are a combination of solid wood, fiberglass and/or carbon fiber. With two young girls we now specialize in crafting paddles for children.

Parts for Canoes & Kayaks

Back this summer I was asked by Pat in NJ to build him a few components for the wood stripper he was building, a Guillemot Petrel, his first. First it started with some of my recessed deck fittings. No problem… then a paddle park. Ok… It culminated in a carved wood seat and backband. All in exchange for a slightly used Binks 2001 sprayer with paint pot. Barter is still alive… He worked on the boat all summer and fall. It still need varnishing but he was dieing to take it out on the water.


We have built everything from custom table and chair sets to cupolas and toys for children (usually ours). Showcased here is a small sampling of the pieces we have previously made.

Music Stands and Instruments

Music has always been a strong part of both Dan and Christine’s families. It was inevitable that there would be music related projects. Here are a few, from simple wooden music stands to an acoustic guitar made from “Camp” cherry.

Below are future galleries that will be added when I get the chance:

  • Cabinetry
  • Doors

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