2010 “Neytiri” Hybrid Night Heron, CT

2010 "Neytiri" Hybrid Night Heron
2010 "Neytiri" Hybrid Night Heron

The “Neytiri” was commissioned by a CT customer. It is a Guillemot Kayaks Hybrid Night Heron that has been modified by lowering the sheer 1-1/4″ in the middle and by flattening the foredeck.  The cockpit has been reduced to a typical British ocean size.  It has an okoume marine plywood hull with a deck stripped in sapele and basswood.  Most of the accents will be carbon fiber. The bottom will be coated with graphite.

This boat combines the quick assembly of the stitch-and-glue hull and the beauty of a strip-built deck. The hull is exactly the same as the S&G Night Heron and the deck is exactly the same as the strip-built version… Since the strips look better to a lot of people than the plywood, the hybrid puts the beauty where you will see it, on top.

Because the hull shape is the same as the stitch and glue version, the performance will be the same. This boat is fast and efficient, tracks straight and carves turns easily.

Original design by Nick Schade, Guillemot Kayaks, Groton, CT.  Modified by Dan Caouette, Clear Stream Fine Woodworking.

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It was delivered on December 12, 2010.

As a separate project, he also had me cover his wooden Greenland storm paddle with carbon fiber so it would match.


Design = Guillemot Night Heron Prismatic Coefficient = 0.57
Length (Overall) = 18.33 ft Finished Weight = 37 lb
Beam (Overall) = 20 in Estimated Price = Please inquire
Draft (Design) = 3.8 in

Completion Photos:

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Construction Photos:

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