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2007 “Sharkbait” Coos 8 SOF

Clear Stream Fine Woodworking (CSFW) 2007 “Sharkbait” Coos 8 SOF


2007 “Sharkbait” Coos 8 SOF

Posted By Dan (CSFW)

2010 0613 South Pond - 23
Summer 2010: Lena paddling the "Sharkbait"
The “Sharkbait” was built as a Christmas present for eldest daughter, Lena, when she was two years old. It was named after a scene in “Finding Nemo.”  The Coos 8 is designed to introduce young children to kayaking.  It’s short and wide with plenty of stability.  It’s designed for paddlers as young as two years old (with supervision and outriggers) and can handle children that weight up to about 50 pounds.  It’s covered in 18 mil clear PVC and clear-coated Wally-world fabric.  Nothing fancy.  Fully outfitted it weighed in at only 9 pounds.  I built a two-way rocking cradle (front-back and side-side) for use indoors.  I also carved a quick Greenland paddle for her from a scrap of cedar.   We couldn’t get her out of it Christmas morning.
I built a similar kayak for Danielle two years later.


Design = CSFW Coos 8 SOF Finished Weight = 9 lbs (?!)
Length (Overall) = 8.0’
Beam (Overall) = 18.0”

Completion and Construction Photos:

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