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Wood Turnings

Wood Turnings

Posted By Dan (CSFW)

Various pieces turned on the lathe.

We can turn wooden bowls, pen sets, vases, art pieces and functional items. Showcased here a few of the works we have previously made. . We like to incorporate turned elements into our furniture. Every turning is a one of a kind item, and once it is sold it cannot be exactly duplicated. There are more pictures in our portfolio

If you have any questions and/or wish to start the build process, please contact us.

maple cherry bowl
bowl Jackson Covered Bridge
Maple and black cherry bowl. Red pine platter turned from a salvaged floor plank from the Honeymoon Covered Bridge, Jackson, NH. Maple pull knob on a reproduction drawer turned to match the other pulls.
Kayak Fittings Massage Tea Table
Recessed deck fittings on a Guillemot sea kayak. Turned from black walnut. Various massagers. Black walnut, cherry and maple. Maple tea table with turned pedestal.

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